Maxon QCN9074 industrial 4x4 MIMO Wi-Fi 6 module

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The Maxon QCN9074 is a 4x4 MIMO Wi-Fi 6 industrial wireless module that supports the latest 802.11ax standard. It offers a number of features that make it ideal for demanding industrial and business environments, including:

1) High speeds and low latency: The QCN9074 can support theoretical data rates of up to 4.8 Gbps, which is twice as fast as the previous generation of Wi-Fi chips.
2) Better range and reliability: The QCN9074 has better range and reliability than previous generations of Wi-Fi chips, making it ideal for crowded or noisy environments.
3) Dynamic frequency selection (DFS): The QCN9074 can dynamically switch between different frequency bands to avoid interference from other devices.
4) Beamforming: The QCN9074 can focus the signal on specific devices, improving performance and reliability.
5) MU-MIMO: The QCN9074 can communicate with multiple devices at the same time, improving overall throughput in the network.

It’s a great choice for a wide range of industrial and business applications, including manufacturing, logistics, retail, and healthcare.
Maxon QCN9074 industrial 4x4 MIMO Wi-Fi 6 module

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